It is something we all dream about. Be it a wedding or a funeral, a birthday party or a graduation ceremony, we desis just cannot get enough of it. It is piping hot, spicy and the most beloved of rice delicacies. The one that always steal all praises at a party, it is the subcontinent’s favourite comfort food; biryani.
Understandably enough, biryani is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever my mother asks me what to cook and that is what I replied when the question was put before me after breakfast today. What followed can be easily guessed; While my mom busied herself in fixing the world’s best meal (Excuses if my opinion reeks of bias), I salivated profusely in anticipation of it.
My wait finally came to end when my mom called me downstairs for lunch and lo and behold, there it was! The sight for sore eyes. The reason behind my existence. It rested in the middle of our table, looking hella fine.

Dayyum girl.

Sooner than later, I dug in and my mouth burst with flavours; there was the deliciously satisfying taste of salted potatoes paired with myriads of spices that a biryani sports. Got myself a glass of chilled 7up to wash it down followed by sheer khorma and that was that: The magic meal to wholly satisfy all your craving at all hours.
I am sleeping a happy person tonight.

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