It is not every day I get to go out for iftar in Ramazan (that is because I live too far), but yesterday was different. One of my best friends is off to United States for a summer program at Stanford University (yup, she is a brainiac), so my dad so benevolently allowed me to visit her.

After stuffing our faces with an assortment of pakoras (onion, chilli and POTATOES!!), we still had a weird craving which, we eventually deduced, could only be satiated with sugar and so we headed out.

The choice of venue was left upon my meagre shoulders, but being  as indecisive as Karachi’s winter, minutes went past and I still could not decide on a place (In my defense, there are just too many options on the University Road!). Well, so we finally settled at this new ice cream parlour in K-town called Creamello, which is right next to Sizzlers.

On entering, the ambiance felt nice; it was sufficiently cool and welcoming and they have the coolest tables (quite literally), shaped like ice cream cones!  Not to mention, their wall-length mirrors which makes Creamello a PERFECT spot to take a million selfies. There were cute and artsy frames on walls as well, so the place is definitely nice, I would give it that.


My friend did not take long in placing her order: She had wanted a coffee since iftar so that’s what we got her. A cold coffee. As for me… obviously I ransacked the entire menu multiple times but still could not pick on what I wanted to try. I wanted a cake or a brownie but then I also wanted an ice cream so the manager suggested I get their ‘Ice Lava’- which sounded safe enough so I went along with it.

Cold coffee

We killed time taking pictures but I would be lying if I say that our orders took long. They didn’t. In fact, my friend’s cold coffee got prepared within five minutes after we placed our order. My dessert took a tad bit longer but one look at it and I knew it was worth the wait.

Well, so the food blogger that I am now, I forbade my friend to touch her coffee until I had taken myriads of Instagram and blog worthy pictures (she couldn’t wait! Her ice cream was melting) but I managed to get some decent shots of my ice lava. So far, so perfect.

Ice lava

It was my first bite of the cake that ruined it; the brownie was too dry and well, HARD. It was not as sweet as I expected it to. The cream was not much sweet either and it was more of a melt than a puff. The brownie came with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and even that was a disappointment. I have just had way better ice creams. Ironically, my ice lava was kind of cold and there was no lava in it (what a huge disappointment, because I was so eagerly awaiting that warm, chocolaty burst!) I am a cake enthusiast—people who know me know that I am not kidding. The fact is, in fact, understated. But that was one piece of cake that I was struggling to finish. I tried to get my friend to share it with me (her coffee was actually pretty good, sigh. I am jealous) but even she refused to eat any more of it after her first, and the last, bite.

That is when a waiter showed up with a feedback card and you know who must have complained furiously (in the card, of course. The poor waiter had nothing to do with my order). In case you are thinking that I am a finicky eater, I am not. I am rather easily pleased. But Creamello’s ice lava was just that bad. The ambiance is good but heck, if I cannot get good ice cream from there, I AM NOT GOING BACK.


Venue: Creamello (New Gulshan branch)


Cold Coffee (Rs.220) 6.5/10

Ice Lava (Rs.250) 3.5/10

Ambiance: 7.5/10




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