Knowing Aliza

Human brain is a miraculous object. It has the capability of retaining memories, as flimsy as breath, for a long time.

I remember reading a quote once, which more or less goes like this: All round me my silent servants wait… My friends in every season.

While many people would associate different meanings to this couplet, my brain projected a vivid picture of a man so engrossed in reading that his friends and servants know better than to disturb him.

I saw myself in that man.

I have been reading for as long as I can remember. It was not long when I discovered that I could write too. And then as I grew up, I developed a strong love for food and travelling as well. This blog is a meagre attempt of a girl, in her early twenties, to merge all her talents and likes in one platform and do something for once. Make her name in this world. Vent. Comment. Rant. Babble. Create.

I hope you enjoy her journey while she is at it.




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