I woke up to a beautiful morning today.

The sky looked satisfyingly cloudy and the air smelled of fresh, dew-bathed grass. The day seemed perfect for a long drive and that is exactly what we did; hastily gulped down our breakfast and geared up for the road trip. We kept our stash of eidi with us too. Just in case, you know.

We were halfway through the city when we decided to hit the beach. The Karachiite in me often craves for beach (not to mention pakoras) the first thing when it begins to rain. Although it was not raining then but the forecasts had already given us the glad tiding, so we were expecting a downpour. The grey clouds looked far more delicious than candy floss and I felt as excited as a kid on Chaand raat; it was going to rain!

You can guess our surprise when we stepped out of the car and there it was, the scorching sun, boiling over our heads! The sea side looked extremely crowded and the police did not let us anywhere near the water due to high sea level. Nevertheless, I managed to take a few decent shots of a camel. It was, undeniably, the only thing which made me stay there for 15 minutes.


Casually inserting my camel shots for you to admire


Another one. I am shameless.

With the hot weather a turn down and the sadness of returning from a beach with not as much as wetting my feet mingled with the angry growls from my stomach and I knew it was time to eat.


We made our way to Burns road, the oldest food street of Karachi, to dig into some street food (read: soul food). The weather seemed too hot for biryani and haleem, so we went for gol gappas instead. (Already missing them while I type this) They tasted as good as gol gappas should; light and crispy with tangy tamarind water and boiled chickpeas, the sweet dip and the sour chutney (yum, yum, yum). I legitimately ordered one plate after another and stopped only when my mouth corners started hurting from all the cuts I had subconsciously made while trying to eat gol gappas too big for my mouth.

Being on Burns Road and not trying its rabri or falooda is definitely a food sin you do not want to commit. (Or at least, I did not want to) Delhi Rabri House was our next stop where some of us ordered ice creams (Chocolate. Duh.) While some of us opted for their world famous (okay, I might be tad bit exaggerating) special falooda. We did not have to wait long for our sugary delights. The ice creams got served as soon as we placed our order followed by faloodas. I know I had ordered the latter for myself but I could not keep myself from trying their ice cream, only to disappoint the food enthusiast in me. It had some crunch in it but the ice cream itself was not very tasty. My falooda was way better (much to my delight); it had plenty of nuts, came with two scoops of ice cream (strawberry and kulfa, which were definitely tastier than chocolate, surprisingly), jellies, basil seeds and rice noodles. While everything else was on point, what I did not like about my float drink was the ice cubes at the end of it.


Chocolate ice cream, although it looks very less like it.



And that right there is a divine drink, y’all.

Overall, it was a pocket-friendly experience (would even pass it on as good if our ice cream was better.)The dessert did help us loads in combating the heat though.

The cherry on top definitely had to be the moment when, by the time we returned home, it had begun to drizzle and now it has been incessantly raining cats and dogs since we got here!

We can totally count on Karachi’s weather to take a 360-degree turn.

Happy pakoras, everyone!





  1. Yeah that’s our beloved Karachi-the unpredictable πŸ™‚ But it’s really sad not getting completely wet on the beach. Ufff Falooda is love you just made me crave for it. Yummy picture πŸ˜‰


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