There are not many places I visit as often as Del Frio in the Sindhi Muslim society, but that is always for dessert. There is something about the cafe that makes me feel awfully at home. Be it the welcoming and courteous staff, the tantalizing aroma of baked goods or merely the book stand (it lacks variety) you encounter as you enter the place, Del Frio promises food for both your tummy and soul.
We ended up there for my friend’s birthday lunch on my suggestion (even though I kept clarifying that I have only just tried desserts at Del Frio). Being one of the few customers there, the waiters were quick to come to us to take our order. The ambiance was peaceful as usual, and my favourite cake-y smell was wafting in air as usual (That’s a bonus!) My friend had already decided on their orders (Penne Arrabiata and Chicken tikka pizza) but I was really indecisive, so I sought the waiter’s help. He recommended me their specials, out of which I picked Chicken Fajita.

While we busied ourselves in taking pictures, another waiter placed complimentary garlic bread basket on our table. I do not want to sound ungrateful, but they were a bit too try for my taste. The taste was fine though.

We got served with our meals 20 minutes later. The dishes were piping hot and looked good enough. I could not wait to dig in!

Served in a sizzling wooden tray with a side line of Mexican rice (I am not a fan), a wheat tortilla, sour cream, salsa and veg salad, it was just too spicy for me and the rice too bland. I could not eat more than a bite so I complained to their manager, who was really helpful. To make the dish edible for me,he served me some white rice and they did drown spices a bit, but the dish failed to leave an impact on me. The fajita was a bad experience and I left it half way through.

Rate: 4/10

Penne Arrabiata with chicken was a much edible meal than my Fajita, but it was still a disappointment: Its sauce was too spicy and the chicken too dry, but at least the pasta was well-cooked and quite filling.
Rate: 5.5/10
This piping hot, thin crust, chicken tikka pizza was deliciously satisfying with a suitable amount of chicken chunks and lots of threads of cheese! I particularly loved the dip (it’s not in the picture) that came along. Yum!
Rate: 8/10

After having a rather disappointing meal, we finally got to the dessert part and THANK GOD it was as the former!

The slice of Ferrero Rocher cake was every chocolatey sin you would willingly commit. Sweeter than your sweetest dream, super moist and decadent, with chunks of hazelnut coming into your mouth, it has to be my new favourite indulgence at Del Frio now.

Rate: 9.5/10

The cake was a total saver and it boosted my foul mood (read: post bad food depression) in no time. Definitely going back to Del Frio. Just not for their main course!


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